Hieroglyphic Signs

Begin with the 25 foundational signs, the monoliteral signs which represent a single consonant like "b" or "p."    Advance to more complex signs, the biliteral signs which represent two consonants put together like "k" and "m"  to make "km."   Likewise, triliteral signs represent three consonants like "w" "s" and "r" together as "wsr."   Begin to visually recognize and associate sounds to each sign with our fun and easy interactive alphabet tool. 



Learn vocabulary based on the signs just learned.   Click on the signs in the program and the meaning and transliteration will show.  At the same time, hear  how the ancient Egyptians pronounced the word!


Our spelling game builds vocabulary and teaches pronunciation.  In the program, click on the appropriate signs to spell the word.     Learn the meaning of each word and hear the word read.  Build your vocabulary with this exciting game.


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