Hebrew Dialogue

In Speak Hebrew enjoy exploring Jerusalem!  Practice speaking Hebrew through exciting and realistic street scenes:  converse with people on the street; dine with friends and order local cuisine; haggle with merchants plus much more.  The sights and sounds of the city come alive.  Over 1000 lines of professionally-recorded dialogue.  Background sound gives you the feeling of being there.  Exciting adventures await you.

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Click on the icons above.

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   Subtitles show each line in Hebrew, in English, and  the transliteration .  You may repeat a line as many times as you like. 

More Features:

Gender Specific: Choose to engage in a conversation as male or a female.   Hebrew, unlike English, makes a distinction in the language between male and female.  Become familiar with the responses according to your gender, then try the opposite.   This is an excellent way to learn.

Subtitles:  Choose having subtitles when conversing or turn them off and rely solely on listening.  

Dialogue:   Access the written version of a conversation at any time through a smaller window.   Also, access a glossary of  all vocabulary in the conversations.

Notes:  Read about Hebrew and Jewish languages as well as many other useful hints. 

Appendix:   Word lists of adjectives, foods, market items, telling time, nouns, verbs and conjugations, and much more.

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