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Arabic Made Easy

"[Arabic Made Easy is a] very well done CD-ROM.  I must say that it is a clever and well produced representation - I loved the Egyptian street and market scenes - very good."  -Thomas D. Mullins, Associate Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University

"I showed the [Arabic Made Easy] CD-ROM to my class and encouraged them to check it out at our language lab . . . . . . one student who used it told me that it was fun to use and was particularly helpful for learning alphabet.  Thank you again." -Li Guo, Lecturer in Arabic, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Chicago

". . . quite good for the beginner who has no background  . . . .  We might recommend it to our students and also use it in the computer lab.  I do hope that you will continue to develop further lessons at an advanced level like other Western languages. . . . . Wish you all success in your development of this project." -Ishmael Poonawala, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at UCLA

"Thanks: Your Arabic Made Easy program is a joy to work with.  After studying Arabic (self taught) for a few years, I could read Arabic on a second grade level, but could never keep a spoken conversation going.  Yery much."  -Paul Z.,  a satisfied customer, Fulton, N.Y.

"My Egyptian friend thinks I'm a genius to be learning so fast - this is really excellent software!" Katharine, New York

" . . . . I liked the idea of having an Arabic CD for people who are interested  in learning Arabic but not necessarily having the time to join a school.  After seeing the material  . . . . . . . .   I was even more interested in the project since it is a very positive approach to teaching people the day to day language that is used everywhere.  "  -  satisfied customer

"I think that your program [Arabic Made Easy] is EXCELLENT for learning the Arabic alphabet.  After one or two forays I was able to read!" - Tamar, Washington, D.C.

"I deal extensively with all the Arab countries (Perfumes, cosmetics and fashion), where I have countless friends . . . . I am enjoying Arabic Made Easy and my Arab friends are amazed at what they are kind enough to call 'my progress' " - Jacques K., Israel

"I bought the Arabic Made Easy CD last year and have greatly enjoyed using it to learn Arabic. It has helped me a whole lot! More than a textbook could have for a beginner, and it is much more fun to use your CD.  I think you have developed a great product,  well worth the money."  -Alex, a satisfied customer                                               Top

  Persian Tutor

 "[Persian Tutor] is a fine program because it is designed for both beginners and for more advanced students. The conversational part in the virtual city is a good introduction to the day-to-day life in Iran, and also a good complement to the teaching of grammar, since there is never enough time for the study of colloquial language and conversation in class. The method for teaching the alphabet is a very useful one, students who cannot keep up with the speed of learning the alphabet in class can exercise on their own in this section of the Persian Tutor - it is a fun way to learn Persian. I have recommended Persian Tutor to all my students" -Roshanak Shaeri, Lecturer in Persian, Dep.for Near Eastern Studies and Civilizations, University of Chicago  

"The Persian Tutor arrived . . . . . . . . We have been so engrossed in the CD-ROM. I'd like to say we think it is BRILLIANT! Just what we needed! I noticed that it is Version 1. If you are intending to bring out more software like this please will you keep me informed as it is perfect for our needs in learning the Persian language." John, U.K., a satisfied customer

"I have this [Persian Tutor] program and my family loves it."  Thank you!  Emad, Utah, a satisfied customer               Top

Egyptian Hieroglyphs Made Easy

"I couldn't be more pleased with your CD Egyptian Hieroglyphs Made Easy.  It has really helped!  Excellent content excellently produced.  If there were subsequent volumes for advanced study I would purchase those too."  Thanks again, A.R., Chicago, Illinois

"Thank you. I am very impressed with your product as it supplies exactly what I had been missing - correct pronunciation. What a difference this has made!  I have been studying Egyptian hieroglyphics for a little time now and the CD and booklet has had an immediate and positive effect. I find that the interactive components are well constructed and certainly encourage repeated practice.  Kind regards."    Greg, Australia

Speak Hebrew

"I really like this CD .... it's so fun to use!  Kris,  USA, a satisfied customer


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